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We, Reinier & Gabriella, were South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa’s greatest supporters when he announced the 3+2 week lockdown – a lockdown that has now been extended to an indefinite, or at least an unknow, period of time.  

We are not doctors nor politicians so we are not here to argue what is right or wrong but what we do know is that so far South Africa has seen 116 confirmed cases of C19 deaths and an infection rate of 0.01%. And yes, it is a fact that many people globally have tragically died.


But the unfortunate and deeply sad reality is that people of South Africa are starving and they are desperate.


It breaks our hearts to see the desperation in peoples eyes at the traffic lights when they ask for spare change, when people daily ring our door bell to beg for some food and when we read reports about 4-kilometer long lines at soup kitchens and about people standing over 15 hours in queues to receive their government supported food package – and this is only for the people who qualify. Imagine the struggle of all the undocumented people, including foreign nationals, living in our town.

Reinier and I are already doing what we can to help. Every day that goes by we conclude that we can’t help everyone - but TOGETHER we can help a few.


To ensure proper distribution straight to where it is needed, without interruption, we will manage the entire process ourselves from the grocery shop to the beneficiaries, with local help that we trust, as and when we can find it.


And yes, of course we will be wearing masks and gloves or use hand sanitizer where appropriate according to the WHO guidelines both for the safety of us and the families we wish to help.

This is not an organized NGO, there are no tax benefits nor an organization number. This is simply an effort from you and us to enable a family to not have to worry if and how they get food on their table that week. What we do guarantee is that every penny will go towards buying food for the families.


Any contribution is much appreciated,

whether it is 50 kronors, 50 euros or 250 dollars.

We understand that there are a lot of people out there who are struggling themselves. If you can’t donate, can we kindly ask you to share this link ( with your network and on social media which will be equally as valued.


How to donate

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Thank you

Gabriella & Reinier

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